Miss Bimbo


attention if you do not know what miss bimbo is then first read the post ” about missbimbo.’


From WikiBimbo

Ideal weight for your Pet[/b] The ideal weight for your pet is around 7.7lbs. If you pet seems to be putting on too much weight, try playing with it to bring its weight back down to normal again.

Buying and selling

A pet is for life! You can’t sell it.

Cleaning your pet

  • Go to the “Pet Store” in “The City”
  • Buy a leash (dog) or litter tray (cat)
  • Click on the “My Items” tab at the top of your screen
  • Click ‘Use This Item’ under either the leash or the litter box.
  • Click on the ‘My Room’ tab up the top of your screen, and for a cat, click on ‘Clean its litter’. If your pet is a dog, walk it.

This process will take half an hour, but afterwards your pet will be clean.

Pet death

Make sure you think seriously before purchasing a furry friend. If you neglect it and it dies, your bimbo will lose 30% of her BA and 70% of her happiness.

Pet food info


  • Doggy Croquettes – 1% happy, + 0.66 weight, 15% hunger
  • Can for dog – 2% happy, +0.308 Weight, 17% hunger
  • Dog Candy – 5% happy, 5% hunger


  • Kitty Croquettes – 1% happy, + 0.220 weight, 15% hunger
  • Can for cat – 2% happy, + 0.308 Weight, 17% hunger
  • Cat Candy – 5% happy, 5% hunger

Getting a pet

Image:86367046ol0.png Image:31406956eu5.png Image:35707189ai6.png Image:19554189sd4.png Image:89612808gz0.png Image:32029755ku5.png Image:20192432wd3.png

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