Miss Bimbo

My profile (your bimbo profile)

attention if you do not know what miss bimbo is then first read the post ” about missbimbo.’

My Profile

Find “My Profile” on the left hand side of the game screen.

Your profile page is where everyone can see your Bimbo looking cool! Make sure you customise your profile so the page is just as cool as your Bimbo is! The better-looking your page is, the more likely it is that other Bimbo will give you Bimbo Cred.


Profile options

How to leave a comment on another Bimbo’s profile

  • Visit someone’s profile
  • Scroll down to the end of the page and you’ll see a comment box.
  • Write your comment in the box
  • Click “Add a comment”

How to upload pictures

  • Make sure your browser allows pop-ups (Holding down ‘Control’ when you click a link will allow pop-ups in many browsers)
  • Go to My profile
  • Click “Add New Photo”
  • Find your chose picture
  • Click “Save”

How to make an avatar

  • Go to My Profile.
  • Upload your chosen picture (as described above)
  • After uploading a picture go to “My Photos”.
  • Click on the avatar option on the right.

Forum Settings

How to change signature

  • Go to “My Profile”
  • Go to “Info”
  • Scroll down to the “Forum options” /Signature box

How do I add this photo to my forum postings profile?

  • Click on the “My Profile”
  • Click on the “Add a photo” link under your name.
  • Browse the photos on your computer
  • Click ‘save’ the photo you want to save.
  • Copy the HTML code generated when you clicked on save.
  • In the ‘my profile’ page then paste this code into the ‘signature’ box in the ‘forum options’ section.

Your photo will now appear in your forum postings.

Edit my profile

Themes (2 steps)

1. To get started, press “Edit My Profile” at the bottom of your profile.

2. Once there, you’ll find a tab called ‘Themes’, with a list of the different standard backgrounds you can use on your profile. You just need to select the background you want, then press ‘Save’.


Customized (9 steps)

1. Press ‘Customize’ beside the ‘Themes’

2. There, you’ll see 3 different options.


– Background Color [[color=red]Red[/color]] This will change the background color.

– Text Color [[color=green]green[/color]] This changed the main writing color in your profile.

– Special Text Color [black] This will change your ‘stats’ color.


3. This next step will change your background image.

Click ‘Change Picture’

4. Then a box will come up, asking you to enter an ‘image url’ You can go into ‘Google’, then ‘Images’ and search for “…. wallpaper’

When you’ve found a picture you like, right-click it and select ‘Copy imagine location’, then go back to the ‘Image url’ box, right-click the box and press ‘Paste’

I used a Harry Potter wallpaper as an example.


5. Click ‘OK’ and that’ll save the backround.

6. You can position the picture around a bit, just play about with the different options until you find one that suits you.

7. The next is ‘Box Color’

I chose [color=blue]blue[/color] as an example.

8. When you’re happy with the color of the box, you can change the border [i]around[/i] the box.

I picked ‘dashed’, [color=red]red[/color] and ‘Border width- 5’ Image:65906.jpg

And it came out like this:

9. Lastly, the ‘Icon’ button at the bottom.


This is to change the little ⭐ you have beside your info on your profile [img]http://photo.missbimbo.com/1/83/gd/65912.jpg[/img]. You’ll need to upload a small image for that, as it’s quite small.

Edit my About me page

Go to My profile —-> About me

How to add some text

Click on the “Create new textbox” button to make a new text box


This will create a new text box


Click and drag to move the text box to the wanted location


Double click the textbox to edit the text in it


When you have finished editing the text box, press “Done” (or press “Cancel” to cancel your changes)


To resize the text box, click and drag the text box resize icon


How to add a picture

Click on the “Create new picture” button


A dialog box will appear, enter the URL of the image


You now have a picture


How to add one of your photos

Click on the “Create new picture from photo” button


Select from the list the photo you want (pick small, medium or large version)


How to change the layout

If you want to move one object in front of another object,


Press the “Move selected item forward” button


The selected object has now been moved forward



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