Miss Bimbo


attention if you do not know what miss bimbo is then first read the post ” about missbimbo.’


A good boyfriend brings you money to pay for all your Bimbo needs. Along with love a smart boyfriend also earns you more bimbo attitude, which a girl can never have too much of. But a bad boyfriend can make you stressed and that type needs a good dumping!


How do I get a boyfriend?

Go to “The Club” which is in “The City”. Once you’re there, click “Go flirting”. Remember, it’s not cool to flirt too much!

You won’t find a boyfriend every time you go flirting! You have a one in three chance each time.

Where can I see my boyfriend?

Click “My Profile” then “My boyfriend”, or go to the club.

How can I break up with my boyfriend?

You can find your boyfriend in “My Profile” and break up with him there. But remember, breaking up is hard to do! Your boyfriend may not want to break up – so you might have to keep trying!

Boyfriend List:

David Aselof

Gives: 50 BD

Gives: 50 BA

Job: Old Actor

Available from Level: 2


Pete Dirty

Gives: 150 BD

Gives: 100 BA

Job: Junk Rockstar

Available from Level: 7


George Cloned

Gives: 500 BD

Gives: 400 BA

Job: American Actor

Available from Level: 11


Léonardo Carpachio

Gives: 700 BD

Gives: 600 BA

Job: US Actor

Available from Level: 13


Bill Goat

Gives: 1000 BD

Gives: 800 BA

Job: Billionaire

Available from Level: 17



Gives: 1200 BD

Gives: 1200 BA

Job: IT Engineer

Available from Level: 20



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