Miss Bimbo

about miss bimbo

About Miss Bimbo

What is Miss Bimbo?

Miss Bimbo (missbimbo.com) is a virtual ‘fashion’ game/community. In bimboland you can enjoy a safe fun environment in which to bring up and nurture your beloved bimbo.  You can interact, socialise and educate each other on a wealth of female, fashion and bimbo related topics. Miss Bimbo is a game, an educational tool, a social meeting place and a hot pot of fashion conscious bimboism. Its also completely free to play and enjoy. Most of all it is loving warm community. There are many reasons why players enjoy the site but for simplicity we have tried to break it down into a few areas of the game/community. The first is the main game or goals of Miss Bimbo. This is primarily an individual task although does involve challenging other bimbos. There is an on going and updated storyline progressing throughout the game starting from level 1 and at present through to level 30 ( we also have level 100 planned for the future!!) You must negotiate through a number of levels and missions and thus learn to love and nurture your bimbo. You will soon learn that if you don’t feed and nurture your beloved bimbo she will be sick and eventually die. Alternatively look after your bimbo and you will have a happy and healthy bimbo in your lives. You will also learn about the game, ‘nines’ the fashion boutique and how to trade in the market, earn bimbo dollars etc. You can explore the town, play games to earn bimbo attitude and challenge other players in one against one fashion contests. Secondly we have the interactive side of Miss Bimbo. There is a leader board for Miss Bimbo players which allows you to climb up and down the league based on your bimbo ‘attitude’. Attitude points can be gained (and lost) in many ways eg winning challenges, completing puzzles eg sudoku, mastermind, wordo. You can ‘challenge’ one another to gain more bimbo attitude and also wage bimbo dollars. Challenges take place on the catwalk and 2 bimbos face off with the winner being decided on a number of secret factors eg the happiness, heath, fashion sense of their bimbos. There is a weekly bimbo cred leader board that re-sets every Friday. On this leader board bimbos get ‘bimbo cred’ from other players. The total weekly amount gives us the 3 weekly bimbo cred winners. Bimbo cred winners win bimbo dollars as well as real life T shirts and clothes. We currently have some designers and companies that give prizes to the weekly bimbo cred winners. You can only gain bimbo cred when it is given to you by other players and vice versa by clicking on their profile and voting. You can give cred on a 1 – 5 ratio. You can create friendships in the forums and vote for o people whom you have bonded with or just simply because you like the look of another players bimbo! Be generous and people will be generous back! It is strictly illegal to ask for bimbo cred and your bimbo will be banned if you break these rules. Thirdly there is ‘fashion industry’ aspect of the site. Players can interact with real life fashion companies in 2 ways. Firstly we have a ‘fashion industry contest’ in the forums. Here real life fashion designers and companies can start their own fashion contests that players can compete in. Players can win clothes and prizes if their designs are chosen by the participating fashion company. There is also a monthly competition where bimbo players can enter their chosen designs to bimbo HQ. The top 10 designs are then posted on the site and voted for by the players. The winning designs will appear in ‘nines’ and also receive some in game prizes eg bimbo dollars/bimbo attitude. Finally there are the forums. These are vibrant and active. Here you can exchange views on all sorts of topics from the miss bimbo game to fashion to jokes. There is an educational for females in the real world. Females on the net, women in society, the female body, the female mind/emotions and females in relationships. They are very popular and informative a better and more well rounded forum on the net you will not find. The above is an approximate guide to the site.

want to play miss bimbo? click HERE! http://www.missbimbo.com/parrain.php?userId=1775447

What is the average age of a Miss bimbo player? What age group is the game for? Who is the average Miss Bimbo player?

At the time of writing (June 2008) the average age of our 660 562 registered bimbos is 19.1. The average bimbo player is hard to define but it is very different to what has been reported. Bimbo players are a mixture of educated, well rounded mature professionals, students, fashion conscious teenagers and Mums and daughters. There are a surprising number of Mums and daughters enjoying the game together and their bimbos competing and socialising with one another. This is an actual email we received from a player (name is asterisked out): Dear Miss bimbo I was admittedly hesitant to sign up and afterwards was even more so to post in the forums being the age I am. The game seemed to be for the younger age group but I still enjoyed it. I’ve always kept some of my childhood in me as most adults do! I finally decided to post and have run into 5 or 6 other players who range in age from 25 – 40 and are wonderful to talk to! I’ve made fast friends with at least 3 of these people. I’ve even had a younger girl (age 17) ask me my age and when I told her I was “30 aka OLD!she replied “lol…that’s not OLD! Your in the prime of your life! . What an amazingly adult thing to say and needless to say it made my day! I look forward to seeing all the upcoming improvements and modifications as you merge the site with the French Ma-Bimbo options. This is a fun vibrant and happy website. Sincerely, H******* P.S. – As for the poor press you received; although it may have brought a negative image to your website I am certain it also brought many more registrations of curious people who ended up thoroughly enjoying themselves and permanently joining the Miss Bimbo family….I being one!

want to play miss bimbo? click HERE! http://www.missbimbo.com/parrain.php?userId=1775447

What is the percentage of men/women registered bimbo players?

83% are female and 17% are male

want to play miss bimbo? click HERE! http://www.missbimbo.com/parrain.php?userId=1775447

How many registered users does Miss bimbo have?

At the time of writing (January 2009) we have 1 244 885 registered bimbos. This is growing at an average of 5000 a day. At the moment we spend zero money on advertising or marketing. Our growth is purely from word of mouth, newspaper coverage and (mainly) players inviting their friends to create a bimbo. Everyday on average 1200 000 bimbos log into the site and this is increasing rapidly.

want to play miss bimbo? click HERE! http://www.missbimbo.com/parrain.php?userId=1775447

What other versions of Miss Bimbo do you plan to launch?

At the moment we have had initial contact with some companies in other countries with regards to creating foreign language versions. However we know there is a bimbo inside everyone so we want to launch the site in every language possible within the next few years. The world will become a bimbo friendly zone.

want to play miss bimbo? click HERE! http://www.missbimbo.com/parrain.php?userId=1775447

What do say about the press criticism eg that miss bimbo encourages eating disorders and a desire to have plastic surgery in players?

At present the widely reported and utterly misguided brief about Miss Bimbo is something along the lines of the following : ‘Miss bimbo.com = a game for 9 – 16 year olds where the goal of the game is to dress up a bimbo, get plastic surgery, and take diet pills to stay at a target weight’. The reality is very far from what has been reported and is a classic case of journalists twisting the truth in order to create a story and thus shock their (usually middle aged) readership. The site is very different (and always has been) to what was reported. However we took the choice of using the name Miss Bimbo which played some part in causing the controversy. We took this decision having watched the success of Ma bimbo in France and also after consulting our players. We asked the players directly about the choice of name, should it be: a) miss bimbo (missbimbo.com) The overwhelming and most popular choice was Miss Bimbo by the players themselves. It is also true that the in the game your bimbo will die if you don’t feed her. That is just like in real life where if you don’t eat you will die. Journalists spun this around into a case of we are re-enforcing weight issues like a tamagotchi or real life person if you don’t eat or drink you will die. The starting and healthy weight for your bimbo is 127 lbs. We want to create a ‘simpsons’ like humour and combine this with fashion and female related issues. We feel the press criticism was unjustified and poorly researched. We know that the site is a positive fun safe place for players to be. People can have fun and learn a lot on our site and we are very proud of our community. We would invite any journalist to log onto the forums for 10 minutes and research for themselves the strong positive community of bimbos. http://www.missbimbo.com/forum/f3,1-the-missbimbo-game.htm Or to read what the players think of the media treatment: http://www.missbimbo.com/forum/t34703,1-anyone-else-join-miss-bimbo-because-of-the-negative-news-reports.htm http://www.missbimbo.com/forum/t21651,1-how-did-you-find-missbimbo.htm http://www.missbimbo.com/forum/t40435,1-is-anyone-else-disturbed-by-this-site.htm The best way for anyone to gage a true and rounded opinion is to listen to both sides of the story. There is no better way to do this than to read some of the threads written by players, bimbo fans and also detractors of the game. These type of debates can sometimes be found on the forum and a selection of them are above.

want to play miss bimbo? click HERE! http://www.missbimbo.com/parrain.php?userId=1775447

What’s the history of Miss Bimbo?

Bimbo HQ is in London, UK the home of the first recorded bimbo, Queen Victoria. Rumour has it she used to attend secret bimbo meetings somewhere deep down underneath Buckingham Palace where she would draw upon the strength of her bimbo inner circle to make important strategic decisions on how to run her country. After she passed away the bimbo became a near extinct specimen as media outlets and government agencies tried in vain to persecute and destroy the bimbo way of life. However, this fuelled the bimbo resistance to go underground as the now deceased bimbo legends – frizzyfay (in England and Europe in the early 1900’s) and LongtallLouisa (in the USA in the 1930’s) continued the struggle by setting up bimbo camps and bimbo speakbimboeasys. These days, despite continued persecution by the press, the rise of the bimbo continues all around the world as proved by the emergence of the Japanese bimbo led in Tokyo by rockingryoko and in China by Husinglaoda. The emergence of this trend continued in France circa 2006. 3 university friends (now known as the 3 bimboteers), Nicolas Jacquart, Benoit Guihard and Jean – Phillipe Tessier met united by their history – all 3 were descendants of famous French bimbo freedom fighters forced underground during the early 1900’s. Computer experts they decided to make a game/social interaction/education tool to spread the word of the bimbo. Ma-bimbo.com was launched in 2006 and immediately united the French bimbos gaining popularity very fast. Nicolas Jacquart then headed for London to meet with Chris Evans whose great great Grandmother was head of the Shropshire bimbo corp 1925-1943. Together they set up the English version of the game – Miss Bimbo. Since then the site and strength of the bimbo world have grown in tandem despite continued attack by the media masses whom try to persecute and deny the voice and place in society that the bimbo deserves. These days though the world is more bimbo friendly and with leading bimbos Paris Hilton and Chelsea Clinton succeeding in their respective fields the barriers are finally starting to be broken down.

want to play miss bimbo? click HERE! http://www.missbimbo.com/parrain.php?userId=1775447

Who owns and runs Miss Bimbo?

Miss Bimbo.com is owned, developed and operated by Blouzar (interactive entertainment) ltd, London.

want to play miss bimbo? click HERE! http://www.missbimbo.com/parrain.php?userId=1775447

What are the plans for Miss Bimbo in the future?

We expect Miss Bimbo to be a positive influence in the female world for years to come. We want it to remain an education tool, a fashion powerhouse and a place where females can hang out in a safe cool environment. In the short term we will include the clothes of real designers and established brands in ‘nines’ the bimbo boutique. We anticipate the site becoming a showcase for new designers to show off their clothes to a large cool fashion conscious market. We also anticipate the site becoming a stronger and more influential educational tool for girls/women on line.

want to play miss bimbo? click HERE! http://www.missbimbo.com/parrain.php?userId=1775447




Dress your Bimbo

Click on the ‘My Room’ tab up the top of your browser window. Once in your room, an image of your bimbo in her current clothes should appear in the centre of the screen, and a chest of draws should appear on her left, and a cupboard on her right. You will see different items of clothing hanging out of draws or on hangers and such; each on a different door or draw. Clicking on each of these will show all the clothes you have for that category of item. Eg. clicking on the image of the pants will show you all the pants you have bought. (These will be displayed in little squares at the bottom of the screen, clicking on a square will put this item of clothing on your bimbo.) Then, once you have dressed your bimbo in an outfit you like, you can name it in the box at the bottom where it says ‘Name of my outfit:’ , and then click on the button that says ‘Save This Outfit’ to keep your bimbo wearing these clothes.[/quote]

want to play miss bimbo? click HERE! http://www.missbimbo.com/parrain.php?userId=1775447
How can I dress my bimbo/put an outfit on my bimbo? How do I take clothes off my bimbo? When you buy items of clothing they go immediately into your ‘inventory’ stored in your room. Click on ‘my room’. From here there are various areas in your room where their clothes are stored. For example your hats are stored on the hat rack. Click on the various areas of your room to view your items eg when you click on the hat rack the hats you have stored will appear beneath your cupboard. First you will see a white and grey ‘blank’ square. Click on this if you would like to remove an item of clothing from your bimbo. To add an item of clothing click on it and it will appear on your bimbo. To save an outfit that you particularly like type in a name of this outfit and click ‘save this outfit’.

want to play miss bimbo? click HERE! http://www.missbimbo.com/parrain.php?userId=1775447

Loading issues with the ‘Sort out your bag’ game

Some people have been reporting issues with this game, where when they click on the squares, no images appear. What I have found, if you are having this problem, is you have to [u]slow down how you play[/u]. So, what you do is: Wait until all the graphics (the grid, and the background) have loaded, BEFORE you click on the ‘Sort out your bag’ button above the game. Then, click [i]slowly[/i] on each box. For example, click one, wait for the pic to load. [i]Then[/i] click the next box. If the first one never loads: wait a few seconds, then try clicking it again. If it still doesn’t load, click on a completely different square. Hopefully, this one will load successfully, then you can try the other one again. Playing using this method always works for me. Remember too, that if your time gets close to 2:00, you can click on the button which the time is counting on, and it will reset the time back to 0:00, and you can start again.

You want to know what the present is for your 100th game day

This is a surprise, and those who have already received it will NOT tell you what it was, so, stop asking them 😉


You can store a limited number of items that your bimbo will need. In the beginning you can store up to 5 items. If you purchase a small cupboard you can store up to 10 items, and with a big cupboard, up to 15 items. Items can be used, thrown away or sold at the market.

want to play miss bimbo? click HERE! http://www.missbimbo.com/parrain.php?userId=1775447

Information for Parents

Miss Bimbo is carefully designed to keep your child safe online.


Game content

The Miss Bimbo game is a light hearted and witty introduction to real life. It is particularly suitable for teens and children. To succeed in the game, players have to get responsible jobs, care for pets, watch their weight and do many other things that responsible young ladies have to deal with as they grow up. The Bimbo characters also have a lot of fun, and get to go dancing, find boyfriends and get new make-up, along with many other activities.

Any game content which carries risks in real life is accompanied by appropriate warnings, and consequences in the game. For example, if the Bimbo eats too much chocolate and doesn’t exercise, she will get fat. Anything potentially harmful, such as sunbed use, is clearly accompanied by warnings, educating players about real-life dangers.


Our forums are carefully moderated by a team of responsible volunteers, who are in turn carefully supervised by professional administrators. Any posts that do not meet our strict standards are quickly removed.

Age Restriction

We ask players to confirm their ages, and notify parents by email when younger children start playing the game.

Contacting MissBimbo

Please feel free to seek further advice on the forums, or contact us directly with suggestions, concerns and comments.

want to play miss bimbo? click HERE! http://www.missbimbo.com/parrain.php?userId=1775447

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